Week 15 -Great start to 2016

benjamin franklinWelcome to 2016-

Gosh, 2015 certainly flew by!

It was an important year for finding the classes I had been searching for in the areas of personal and professional growth.

MKMMA fell into my lap.  No one I know had heard of it, but somehow I came across it online.  It has been so much more than I imagined and covers both personal and professional growth.

This afternoon, we began week 15 of the MKMMA course (the 1/2 way mark) with the usual, energizing webinar.  Benjamin Franklin was the source of our upcoming exercises.

I recommend that everyone take look at FRANKLIN’s MAKEOVER and consider doing this for a great start in 2016.  Benjamin franklin's makeover chart

We modified the chart a bit by marking not only what we did but what positive actions we observed others doing because the more times we observe and take note of something,  the more it imprints on our subconscious mind.

Below is  our list of virtues to observe, taking one per week for 13 weeks.
Monday- Sunday were marked along the top.  A dot is placed each time the action was done or observed. 
 We were free to change the order of which one we did in which week.
 We were also free to add or change a category as we saw fit for ourselves.
 Others may modify it by SEEING GOOD IN OTHERS

Whether you are a grandparent or a parent, implementing Franklin’s Makeover would be a life transforming exercise to share with your children.

Imagine if our children, beginning at an early age, went through their day routinely noting all the positive actions they did or observed being done by others and marked them on their Franklin’s Makeover chart daily.  Sharing these observations with one another would be a positive ending to the day.   (parents could do it for infants and talk to them out loud about what they did or what positive actions had been observed during the day as they mark the chart for them.)

We all know starting early makes a difference, whether it is in learning a language or developing positive habits.  Franklin’s Makeover is one habit that might shield our children from the negative programming that so often occurs as we grow up.

Wishing everyone positive growth in 2016.

Looking forward to your feedback about how implementing Franklin’s Makeover affects your life.







Week 8- I skipped my blog last week

Last week I was doubting myself and wondering if I can really do this.  Then I remembered that I told myself when I signed up that to complete this 6 month course was going to be success in itself.  Therefore, I will stick with it.  I visualize myself in March 2016 when it is all over and how proud I feel at completing the assignments and having a new Blueprint.

Week 6- My Old Blueprint

Today I thought, “am I really conquering my old Blueprint?”  I was having issues with my Iphone.  I had planned to spend the day writing my blog, reviewing the MKMMA week and getting my assignments done. (Weds is my day off)  I had one errand to do this am.  It went very well.  Then I was going home and getting started.  But my phone was acting up and I needed access to my contacts so I thought I’d slip by the new apple store in the mall and get it resolved lickety split.  (But this was my old Blueprint- steering me off the course I had planned for the day)  Well, at least 4 hours later my iphone issue was not resolved and again, my old Blueprint was getting the best of me. I was spending the day unproductively.  My stomach was beginning to turn.  I had ignored my intuition before I left this morning by not taking my reading with me.  So there I was, stuck without a phone and no reading material. I was just sitting there for 4 hours!  To make the day some what productive,  I did a little prospecting, and was fine till the 6th attempt to restore my phone failed.  Sean, the tech, said, “we’ll have to erase everything and reload the software.”  Ugh.  What could I do but consent.  When it was all over, the problem was still not completely fixed.  By then Sean had had it, too.  He suggested that I might as well leave and he’d see if my insurance would cover a new phone.  I am sure he wanted to go as it was 5pm and his shift was up. I took my phone and left.  My stomach was still in knots as I thought, “my old Blueprint is not letting go without a fight”.  Not only had I deviated from my constructive plans for the day, but as usual, I finally had some spare cash in my bank account and now it might have to go to a new phone.  I made up my mind to CONTROL my thoughts!  I wasn’t going to succumb to my old Blueprint completely.  I needed to salvage what I could and show subby who was in charge!  I spent and hour on the phone with Verizon, but no luck there.  So I logged on with Apple Chat, got disconnected twice, but again, I wasn’t going to let my old Blueprint win.  I tried again and within 30 minutes they had my problem resolved.  Hooray.

Week 5- It’s all coming together

I just finished my Press Release- Visualizing my life in June 2016 after I have realized my goals.  I am still not absolutely perfect with all the MKMMA assignments, but I know I am moving in a positive direction.  At my age I don’t beat myself up about my imperfections, however I am taking the steps to move toward my best self as instructed in the Master Key and GS.  Emerson was a bit tough to plow through, but the message was clear.  In one of Mark’s videos he mentioned The Ant and The Elephant. I bought it and reading that is like ice cream.  Reading Emerson is like swallowing a pill.  But like everything, the more I reread it the easier it will be.

A veil has been lifted

I signed up for MKMMA because I wanted to experience the exhilaration of completion.

This week has been a breakthrough.  The science behind change has given me the confidence that I will successfully complete the course.  This achievement will mark a huge transformation in who I am and what action steps I take.

My fear had always been that if I followed a formula or directions, it would not work for me.  This doubt gave me an excuse not to do it.  But now there is concrete proof that if I follow these MKMMA exercises, success will be mine.

The Universe is reinforcing what I have been learning in my MKMMA class these past weeks.  I am trying to resist the lessons, but the Universe is yelling at me from every direction that I must do this.

For example, one of the gifts from “Kindred spirit”  patient was Darren Hardy’s THE ENTREPRENEUR ROLLER COASTER cd.  I have been listening to it as I drive the 1.5 hrs to and from work every day.  Darren says, “Read the same thing repeatedly until you have internalized it, until it becomes HABIT and you are good at it, then move on to the next thing.” (I’m paraphrasing)  He learned this from the great Jim Rohn.

This is the lesson from our MKMMA class.  I have been so resistant.  I have been making excuses.

Today I am actually feeling the joy I will experience at the completion of the MKMMA class.  I feel my heart bursting with pride.  I chose to do this.  I chose to change.

Today I met a kindred spirit!

Today I had a new patient in my office.  While she was sitting in the reception area,  I brought to her the medical history form to fill out.  I noticed that she was busy doing paperwork and I saw a schedule with colored rectangles all over it.  I had just finished reviewing Mark’s MMA OATS video on scheduling and made a comment that her schedule reminded me of the OATS video I’d watched last night.  Had she heard of OATS?  She had not, and with enthusiasm asked me to explain it.  Well, I thought it would be better if she read or watched the information on Mark’s site, so I googled it and then printed out the information for her.  She was thrilled.

After I brought her into my treatment room I did my usual inquiry to find out more about her.  As she spoke, her words made me reach into my bag and pull out The Greatest Salesman book.  She said, wow and that she had read it too.   Plus, she said, after reading the book, miraculous things had begun to happen in her life.

She had come in for a Hygiene visit today so I did get to her medical history and her teeth, but the most important thing that happened was I made a new friend as well as a new patient.  What fun it is to connect with people in unexpected ways.  Thank you MKMMA!

Week 2- Thanks for reading my Blog

Thank you for accepting my invitation and reading my #HHHMasterKey Blog.  Last week my post used many terms that are part of the #MasterKey program and was not written with friends and family readers in mind.  Sorry about that. It was my 1st Blog attempt and I did not think about who would read it.  I wrote it for myself.

So what am I doing and what is all this about?  How can this Blog affect, influence or be of value to you?

Basically I am taking a 6 month course called MKMMA. (Google it for insight)  The course dives into The Master Key by Charles F Haanel and The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino.

The purpose is personal growth by gaining control of the subconscious mind.  As a bonus, the course requires we start a Blog and Twitter regularly.  We are given step by step guidance so we may conquer the mysteries of social media.  Why is this part of the 6 month course?  As we all know, social media is how people influence, educate or have relationships in this 21st century.  We are able to touch lives or be touched by others all over the world.  Can it be speculated that when people know each other on a personal level, barriers will be broken down and the world will become a better place for all to live?  That is my desire.

The goal of #MKMMA is to have a greater number of people take the class every year.  Why?  So more and more people are able to gain control of their subconscious mind and thus their life.  Remember Thoreau wrote about people living “lives of quiet desperation.”  As we know ourselves and live the life we desire, we are freer to control our reactions to situations and others.  Do I dare extrapolate this to be the path world peace?

The class is free to current enrollees, as it was PAID FORWARD by the previous graduates.  They gave according to the value they received.  Each year the class gets larger as the past graduates value what they have learned and pay forward for more future students.

It is my desire that as the weeks go on, my Blog will contain relevant information so that you’ll want to follow me and share my Blog with others.

Thank you for generously giving me your time, reading my Blog and posting your comments.